The Whistleblowers

If we’re to believe the accusations, there are potentially thousands of New Zealanders who are aware of the fact that there is a secret program to spray their country with chemicals from commercial (and potentially military) jet-planes.

The result of this spraying, whether they believe it to be good or evil, are, at best, unpredictable. And if you look at the research undertaken by the likes of Clare and Rose, it ain’t for good. If you were involved, and had been told you were acting for the good of mankind, a quick bit of online research would certainly make you think this might not be the case.

So, of those potential thousands of people, here is the full list of those whose conscience has been unable to cope with keeping this massive, dangerous secret from their fellow New Zealanders, and who have blown the whistle on this unlawful undertaking…

  • no-one.

If you think we’ve missed anyone, or want to anonymously reveal what you know about the chemtrail program please leave a comment, email me, or, better yet, really blow the lid on the entire programme by sending your information to WikiLeaks, a major local NZ media organisation (TV1, TV3, Fairfax, APN/NZ Herald), or an international one (BBC, the Guardian, NY Times, Washington Post).


3 thoughts on “The Whistleblowers

  1. I am a pilot and “paid shill” but I can no longer live with myself living out daily deception when there are obviously so many enlightened ones out there who are not fooled anyway. I wish to make a statement but also wish to remain anonymous. Don’t let them take my family

    • Hi there these chemical trails are ***Real**** we live on the east coasts of South Island and as soon as it’s a sunny day we get up to 10 chemtrails a day across our part of the woods
      What is in this ???as they are not vapor that dispersed after the plane ✈️ has gone it forms a cloud ⛅️ and covers the sky 🌌

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