The Conspirators

A list of people, organisations and businesses that operate in (or over) New Zealand, that have been accused of being involved in (or would have to be in some way aware of or complicit with) the chemtrail cover-up…

Commercial airlines

NZ Political Parties

NZ Government/Council/SOEs & related organisations

(Sources aren’t meant to be exhaustive – just an indication of how the organisation in question has been involved).

Anyone I’ve missed? If there’s someone you want to add, please leave a comment.


5 thoughts on “The Conspirators

  1. No planes travel across Canterbury from any airline at that height spewing a trial like the photos I took today. Just open your eyes and watch any normal passenger jet they do not have trails anything like what these large planes have. Also they have been flying regular same plane back and forth for the last week over Christchurch and we have just experienced the floods.It is happening. Just that we chose to be ignorant, Like you believe in what is happening in the Ukraine was not organised? those pro UN protesters where paid to protest. Do your own due diligence and wake up NZ.

    • Hi Anonymous — there are plenty of flights flying over Canterbury at heights conducive to contrail formation. You can see the flight paths on this handy map that mysteriousnz community collated, and you can watch flightaware or flightradar24 to check the flights for yourself in real time.

      And many passenger planes have been identified as being those that are spraying these trails – just follow the links above for the Air NZ, Easyjet, Qantas and other commercial flights that have been accused of spraying by other chemtrail activists.

    • Ok anonymous. Who owns these plans and which airport did they use. If these spay plans are doing repeated flights we should be able to track their origin and prove what they are up to. On another note, who gains from flooding Christchurch? What was the point of it?

  2. #OpWakeup
    Vulnerability to Covert Attack (U.S. Army Chemical Corps, 1959)

    Electron Cyclotron Resonance

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