Infrasonic undulations

…would be a good name for a band, I reckon.

That aside, it nearly beggars belief that ‘chemtrail’ believer William Remi has lived in Canterbury for any amount of time without ever having seen lenticular clouds. But, apparently, this is the case.

Lenticular clouds

William even goes on to say that the clouds formed on a day when Canterbury’s fabled Nor’wester was blowing, the classic conditions in which this phenomenon most commonly occurs (see here and here for the science, and MetVUW has lots of photos of it in their excellent gallery archives).


Air New Zealand spraying chemtrails?

Ever alert chemcloud/chemtrail-spotter Marian Sutherland spotted a long trail today (Wed 14 Feb, 2013, at about 10:25am),¬†over Waikari, Canterbury, and documented her evidence on the Chemtrails over NZ page…

Air New Zealand flight 514
Air New Zealand flight 514

A quick check on FlightAware would lead us to the conclusion that this is the daily Air New Zealand flight – NZ514 – that departs Christchurch each day at around 9:50am, arriving in Auckland around 11am. Indeed, the Flightaware records for this day show departure/arrival times of 9:51am/10:52am respectively. The flight path matches almost perfectly what Marian describes, and the reported time would likewise be just about bang on for where NZ514 would be expected to be.

Flight route of NZ514, right over Waikari, Canterbury
Flight route of NZ514, right over Waikari, Canterbury

So, as has been asserted by the likes of Clare Swinney in the past, are Air New Zealand (a mostly government-owned operation, it should be noted) complicit in the chemical spraying of New Zealand? Hmmm.