…And Then There Were Three…

(…to borrow a Genesis album title).

So yes, a merry welcome to Hemi B. and Mary Contrary, who, after some interesting email correspondence have accepted my invitation to come aboard as contributors to Chemtrails NZ.

For those that aren’t aware, Mary is a keen follower of the chemtrail ‘debates’ over on Facebook, but has, up to now not had her own web presence.

Hemi has been active for even longer with his own blog, has retired, come out of retirement, and has been kind enough to allow me to import his own blog into this one so we can aggregate our accumulated observations under one (less immediately antagonistic) title.


Busted Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS While Landing

This one has been spreading like wildfire around the chemtrail community. Finally! The smoking gun!


Problem is, of course, is that what they’re seeing is perfectly normal aerodynamic contrails caused by the plane moving through what is obviously very humid air. You can see the same effect on many other videos, and here’s a whole gallery of beautiful stills of the effect from Flickr user Steve Morris Aviation.

WorldTruthTV.tv [sic] has a fairly typical response, with these particular gems of wisdom…

First, the trails are NOT coming from the back of the jet engines.

Wouldn’t this fly in the face of the fact that virtually all identified ‘chemtrail’ planes show the trails coming from the engines?

Second, the trails are not merely water trailing off the edges of the wings because as the plane passes, in addition to the wing trail emissions, there are clearly SPRAYS coming out of several sections at the rear of the wings in clear addition to any water that may be washing off the wing during landing.

Which is just a simple misunderstanding of how wake vortices work (which is understandable, it’s a complicated process, which is way outfits like NASA spend a lot of effort on researching it). But, again, it’s a well-known, and well-documented effect.

What’s even better about the WorldTruthTV.tv [sic] article is that the image they’ve lifted to illustrate the article was taken by the aforementioned Steve Morris, and is used all around the internet in order to explain the effects of wake vortices.

So, not just wrong, but deliberately deceptive.

That’s ‘chemtrail’ research for you, I suppose.

HAARPed chemcloud v. Cirrocumulus / Altocumulus (mackerel sky)


On the left, a HAARPed cloud, as identified by Ray Foxley of the Chemtrails over NZ facebook group. On the right, a drawing of cirrocumulus, above some altocumulus, from Researches about atmospheric phaenomena (1815). Both types of cumulus cloud are sometimes referred to as ‘mackerel sky‘. Google image search also has lots of good examples of cirrocumulusaltocumulus and mackerel sky.

Haarp? or Alto/cirrocumulus?

Learn the difference!

Chembow halo v. 22° halo


On the left, a chembow halo, as identified by the Chemtrails over NZ facebook group, from a photograph published on the Stuff news website.

On the right, early drawings showing the various permutations that a normal 22° degree halo can appear in: single halo (top left), double halo (middle left), coronal halo (bottom left) and perhelic circle (middle right; the other two images being the sun’s corona – bottom right – and a shooting star – top right), from the 1815 publication Researches about Atmospheric Phaenomena

Learn the difference!

Chemcloud v. Cirrus

cirrus-v-chemcloudsOn the left, chemclouds over Nelson as spotted by Ngaire Smith, and posted on Clare Swinney’s Northland NZ Chemtrail watch site.

On the right, cirrus clouds as documented in the 1896 publication Atlas international des nuages (International Cloud Atlas)

(See also this image containing a drawing of cirrus, from 1815’s Researches about Amospheric Phaenomena)

Learn the difference!