What is it that is really outrageous here??

Clare Swinney writes in “Drought Conditions In New Zealand Caused By Aerosols & Climate Engineering Blamed On ‘Human Activity’” that:

NIWA was caught engaging in outrageous fraud by the The Climate Science Coalition of NZ in November 2009 and was exposed in manipulating data to promote the belief in man-made global warming in New Zealand.”

However she neglects to tell us that the coalition’s court case against NIWA was thrown out by the High Court in September of 2012 –

“The plaintiff does not succeed on any of its challenges to the three decisions of NIWA in issue. The application for judicial review is dismissed and judgment entered for the defendant.”

Some evidence in the case was ruled inadmissible, including that of Terry Dunleavy, a former journalist who is a founding member of the trust and secretary of the associated NZ Climate Science Coalition.

Justice Venning says Dunleavy “has no applicable qualifications” and “his interest in the area does not sufficiently qualify him as an expert”.

He also questioned the credentials of Bob Dedekind, a computer modelling and statistical analyst whose “general expertise in basic statistical techniques does not extend to any particular specialised experience of qualifications in the specific field of applying statistical techniques in the field of climate science”.

Not only thrown out, but costs were awarded against the Coalition – which then liquidated itself in an attempt to avoid the financial responsibility resulting from its actions – leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill.

The only things “outrageous” here are Clare’s willful omission of the full facts and the waste of time and effort these climate deniers have inflicted on the taxpayers of New Zealand!


HAARPed chemcloud v. Cirrocumulus / Altocumulus (mackerel sky)


On the left, a HAARPed cloud, as identified by Ray Foxley of the Chemtrails over NZ facebook group. On the right, a drawing of cirrocumulus, above some altocumulus, from Researches about atmospheric phaenomena (1815). Both types of cumulus cloud are sometimes referred to as ‘mackerel sky‘. Google image search also has lots of good examples of cirrocumulusaltocumulus and mackerel sky.

Haarp? or Alto/cirrocumulus?

Learn the difference!