Shoot ’em down!

says Rhonda Ratsey of the ‘Awake and Aware NZ‘ facebook group.

Given most planes seen ‘spraying’ over NZ are commercial jets carrying people to and from the main centres, this probably isn’t the best idea. Still, at time of writing, such an idea has evoked five ‘likes’ from fellow members.



Flight paths and Chemtrails over Lyttelton

This kind of thing is mystifying. From the Chemtrails over NZ group

Note what Daisy says: “this is not a commercial route“.

But it IS a commercial route. Mysterious NZ very helpfully published a map of all NZ flight paths over NZ back in 2006. And, as you can see (or might be able to see, if you click through to the bigger versions), any flights between Dunedin and Wellington (which can number from half-a-dozen to a dozen per day, depending on the day of the week), go directly over Lyttelton.


On this particular day, on that flight-path, we’ve got flights Air New Zealand flights ANZ682ANZ686ANZ687ANZ688 and ANZ689 all following that path (and this is just flights available via Flightaware – there are other flights viewable on the Dunedin arrivals/departures page (eg. ANZ459 and ANZ5320) that obviously aren’t recorded by Flightaware – as they fall within its ‘secondary service area‘ – and which would be following the same flight path.

Judging by the posting time and lighting in the picture (despite the exhortations of the Chemtrails over NZ admins, there are quite a few photos without dates and timestamps uploaded to the site), I’d be guessing it was ANZ686, the early afternoon flight.

And yet no-one has pulled Daisy Suzanna up on this simple error. Surely long-term researchers familiar with flight-tracking tools (like Clare Swinney) must know this is incorrect? Why do they allow their supporters to post erroneous information like this?

I am baffled.

Air New Zealand spraying chemtrails?

Ever alert chemcloud/chemtrail-spotter Marian Sutherland spotted a long trail today (Wed 14 Feb, 2013, at about 10:25am), over Waikari, Canterbury, and documented her evidence on the Chemtrails over NZ page…

Air New Zealand flight 514
Air New Zealand flight 514

A quick check on FlightAware would lead us to the conclusion that this is the daily Air New Zealand flight – NZ514 – that departs Christchurch each day at around 9:50am, arriving in Auckland around 11am. Indeed, the Flightaware records for this day show departure/arrival times of 9:51am/10:52am respectively. The flight path matches almost perfectly what Marian describes, and the reported time would likewise be just about bang on for where NZ514 would be expected to be.

Flight route of NZ514, right over Waikari, Canterbury
Flight route of NZ514, right over Waikari, Canterbury

So, as has been asserted by the likes of Clare Swinney in the past, are Air New Zealand (a mostly government-owned operation, it should be noted) complicit in the chemical spraying of New Zealand? Hmmm.