Maybe the rain

Over at Chemtrails North NZ, Clare Swinney makes the claim that

Evidence suggests that rain clouds approaching Northland are being handicapped by human intervention, probably, in part, to promote the perception of “climate change.”

…and provides evidence of this by posting some satellite imagery of cloud cover covered in arrows pointing to (supposedly) man-made ‘holes’, which are (presumably) evidence of manipulation.

Putting aside the problem that the water in these holes still has to go somewhere, and that there’s still millions of tonnes of water left in the remaining cloud cover, the main problem with Clare’s argument is that her main point…

Rainfall levels appear to being reduced significantly.

…is plain wrong. Here’s the last two years of rainfall data from Whangarei Airport, measured against the historical average.


In fact, in the last five months, rainfall figures have been above or about average. June, July and August were really wet: double the average.  Before that March/April/May were drier than usual (May especially so), but that was after a wet February. And before that, a dry January, and a slightly above-average December. In other words, natural variability at play. There’s certainly no way you could make the argument that rainfall levels have been ‘reduced significantly’.

Well, I suppose you could, but…


Shoot ’em down!

says Rhonda Ratsey of the ‘Awake and Aware NZ‘ facebook group.

Given most planes seen ‘spraying’ over NZ are commercial jets carrying people to and from the main centres, this probably isn’t the best idea. Still, at time of writing, such an idea has evoked five ‘likes’ from fellow members.


Infrasonic undulations

…would be a good name for a band, I reckon.

That aside, it nearly beggars belief that ‘chemtrail’ believer William Remi has lived in Canterbury for any amount of time without ever having seen lenticular clouds. But, apparently, this is the case.

Lenticular clouds

William even goes on to say that the clouds formed on a day when Canterbury’s fabled Nor’wester was blowing, the classic conditions in which this phenomenon most commonly occurs (see here and here for the science, and MetVUW has lots of photos of it in their excellent gallery archives).

Busted Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS While Landing

This one has been spreading like wildfire around the chemtrail community. Finally! The smoking gun!


Problem is, of course, is that what they’re seeing is perfectly normal aerodynamic contrails caused by the plane moving through what is obviously very humid air. You can see the same effect on many other videos, and here’s a whole gallery of beautiful stills of the effect from Flickr user Steve Morris Aviation. [sic] has a fairly typical response, with these particular gems of wisdom…

First, the trails are NOT coming from the back of the jet engines.

Wouldn’t this fly in the face of the fact that virtually all identified ‘chemtrail’ planes show the trails coming from the engines?

Second, the trails are not merely water trailing off the edges of the wings because as the plane passes, in addition to the wing trail emissions, there are clearly SPRAYS coming out of several sections at the rear of the wings in clear addition to any water that may be washing off the wing during landing.

Which is just a simple misunderstanding of how wake vortices work (which is understandable, it’s a complicated process, which is way outfits like NASA spend a lot of effort on researching it). But, again, it’s a well-known, and well-documented effect.

What’s even better about the [sic] article is that the image they’ve lifted to illustrate the article was taken by the aforementioned Steve Morris, and is used all around the internet in order to explain the effects of wake vortices.

So, not just wrong, but deliberately deceptive.

That’s ‘chemtrail’ research for you, I suppose.