Having been alerted to the threat of ‘chemtrails’ by a chance meeting one day, I took it upon myself to research this odd phenomenon.

There’s obviously screes of information online. But a lot of it seems to be based on flimsy evidence, often contradictory, most of it with no real scientific basis behind it.

So, I read what I could of local chemtrail activists’ efforts in investigating the phenomenon — Clare Swinney’s Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch was the starting point, and, as far as I could tell, just about the ending point for easily accessible locally-relevant information. Will Ryan’s Nelson-based site, which presumably existed at some point, has disappeared, Mysterious NZ has a dedicated chemtrails forum, but it looks pretty dead (last post at time of writing this was May of last year), there’s a few articles of (very) varying quality over at Uncensored site, but the site itself is a poor man’s Weekly World News, and seems to play host to a vigorous band of anti-science trolls, which makes me think any serious discussion might not get far, and the other two potential sources of information were locked away in member-only forums, namely the Contrail, and a facebook group: Chemtrails over NZ.

Side note: Why put all this effort into researching something, and expressing your fears about something that that you think is harmful, only to lock that information inside a site that is inaccessible to a significant proportion of internet users (and, perhaps more to the point, search engines?). Otherwise you’re just preaching to the converted, surely?

Anyway, having avoided the pull of Facebook’s allure for many a year (I’m too old for that sort of thing, and their privacy record is hardly something that would give me great confidence in protecting anything I did feel the need to post up there — email and instant messaging are sufficient for most of my online communication needs), I joined up, so I could join the Chemtrails over NZ facebook group.

Obviously, in hindsight, I shouldn’t have bothered. They seemed a (mostly civil) bunch, and they were certainly active, posting lots of pictures and commenting on each of them. It seemed the perfect place to bounce ideas around and to try and advance the understanding of any actual chemtrail threat.

The problem I instantly faced was that most of the pictures they were posting looked entirely normal to me. There were a few contrail/chemtrail photos that might have warranted further investigation, but there was also lots of other clouds that they were labelling ‘chemclouds’, that, to me, seemed perfectly natural. I vividly remember seeing sun haloes over Christchurch in the 70s, for example (and even the occasional contrail), and you’d often see whispy cirrus streaked across the Canterbury plains as a precursor to a front rolling in.

But, maybe not. Had I been blind in the past? Are these cloud types, as they were claiming, new to human eyes – caused by some nefarious spraying scheme being kept secret from the public?

So, I did some research. I presumably could’ve done this online, but I was going to the library in town anyway, so grabbed some old weather books to see if I could find pictures that resembled the ‘chemclouds’ on the Chemtrails over NZ page. (Pictures from books that predate the supposed late 1990s start of chemtrails would presumably also carry more weight than any, potentially faked online images). And, as I’d thought, they were all there. Pretty much every ‘chemcloud’ could be categorised with a ‘proper’ meteorological name,  (I’ll make a post, at some point, matching them up). And contrails (categorised as such).

I took photos of the clouds from each book, and created galleries on the Chemtrails over NZ, detailing the book title, and the label given to each cloud type. From what I could tell, this was appreciated, with several complimentary comments and ‘thumbs-ups’ from my fellow members. There was a bit of back and forth with regards to the possibilities of chemtrails/geo-engineering being longer-lived than the commonly held start-point of some time in the 1990s.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily prove anything one way or another. You could still argue that the prevalence of these cloud-types might be increased through the spraying of chemtrails. I suggested as much.

So, I logged into Facebook the next day to see if there’d be any more thoughts on my cloud photos. Instead of the Chemtrails over NZ page, I was confronted with a message that said something along the lines of the page I was looking for couldn’t be found, or was inaccessible. New to facebook, I scratched my head, and logged out. I tried again later. Same thing. I messaged Clare Swinney and the person who had approved my membership of the group saying I was having problems accessing the page. No reply. I messaged some of the other members of the group with similar sentiments. Maybe the page was genuinely down? Maybe the powers-that-be had closed it down? What was happening? Anyone? The day passed with no reply. I thought nothing of it, spent a weekend doing some more (quite enlightening) research around the whole chemtrail topic. Come Monday, I logged in again, and still couldn’t get to the page. I messaged my son, asking him if he could access it.

He could, and told me that there was no sign of any of my cloud photos. No sign I’d been there at all – no photos, no comments. I’d been erased (and presumably banned) from the group!

I confirmed this myself, as my son pointed out that it was an open group, so I just needed to access it using a different account from the one that had been banned. I did so, and, yes, no sign of me at all.

Which is all very intriguing. As much as the chemtrail group members are keen on insisting there’s a lot of disinformation being pushed out into the world, I’d’ve thought my contribution was anything but. I wasn’t pushing a ‘there’s-no-chemtrails’ theory, just highlighting the fact that the clouds they were identifying as ‘chemclouds’ did, in fact, have long-standing meteorological names of their own. Really. Basic. Stuff.

So, why the banning? Why the oppression of any information that flies in the face of their beliefs? If it is disinformation they object to, then surely revealing it as such, and pointing out its flaws would be a more powerful tool in their argument, rather than just ignoring it?

Whatever. The whole episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It was bad enough that I had to join Facebook, but now I’ve got this crazy interest in the chemtrail phenomenon to deal with. This blog, then, is my therapeutic output. Let’s see how long it lasts…


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  1. Hello,

    I work as a pilot for Air New Zealand, an airline which this website has accused of covertly spraying chemicals over the country from its aircraft. As far as I am aware, this does not happen. However I do have some questions about the details of the chemtrails theory, are you able to help me?

    Firstly I should say that I am in no way writing as a representative of Air New Zealand, merely as a concerned citizen.

    My basic question is this:

    Does the theory assume that the thousands of people who work in the aviation industry as pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers, loading supervisors, and refuellers, are all party to the conspiracy? If so, isn’t the government taking a huge leap of faith that none of us will spill the beans? Would it not be likely that someone, somewhere would have an issue with covert spraying of the population and blow the whistle? After all, not only do we all have to keep quiet, we wouldn’t be able to tell our partners, friends, children, or anyone else… ever. It seems like such an unwieldy and leak-prone cover-up that the government would rather not run the risk of being exposed, however much they may want to poison the population.

    On the other hand, I can see some logistical problems with the operation if we are all supposedly unaware of what is going on. How are the chemicals loaded onto the aircraft? Where are they stored on board? By what method are they released from the aircraft, and what triggers their release? Bearing in mind that this all has to happen without any of us who work on or with the aircraft knowing what’s going on.

    I am trying to keep an open mind to this theory but at the moment it doesn’t seem to stand up to much scrutiny. If you could help me understand better I would be very appreciative.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Lachlan,

      Does the theory assume that the thousands of people who work in the aviation industry as pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers, loading supervisors, and refuellers, are all party to the conspiracy?

      Yep, that about sums it up.

      As you might be able to tell if you’ve read any of my more recent poss (and gleaned the slightly sarcastic tone underlying them) I’m similarly not sold on the theory, mostly from the logistical issues you raise with your comment. It would seem nigh impossible to keep thousands (probably tens of thousands, when you take into account the global nature of ‘chemtrails’) people from not making some sort of fuss over a spraying programme of this type.

      One of the claims made by the likes of local chemtrail proponent Clare Swinney is that pilots aren’t aware that they’re spraying — that some sort of automated and/or remotely activated system release the chemicals from commercial flights (and that pilots would somehow be unaware of this happening, because planes don’t have rear-view mirrors, if I recall correctly). Of course, even if this was technically possible (and I feel sure, and you may be able to help me as a pilot, if a large of amount of liquid or compressed chemicals were suddenly released from your plane, that there’d be some noticeable effect on the handling of the aircraft), there’s still the issue of loading those chemicals, and ground crew who would either have to be complicit, or kept in the dark by even more mysterious methods than the pilots.

      As you point out, it doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny, which is why those who push the idea very rarely allow any discussion on the matter. As you can see, this blog was started when I questioned some of the assumptions local chemtrail believers were making about cloud-types, and I was summarily banned from their facebook group. Having watched that group and several similar forums for a few months now, you can see this behaviour being repeated again and again as any dissenting voice raises (usually entirely valid) points about flaws in the theory. That person is attached as a shill or disinformation agent, their information removed, and them banned.

      Basically, it’s willful ignorance, and, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot one can do about it, except try and steer people in the right decision with websites like this. I doubt hardcore believers like Clare Swinney will ever change their mind about what they think they’re seeing, but the hope is that people who are new to the topic will be able to find the sort of information required to make a rational decision as to whether chemtrails exist or not.

      And, I should really update the site to more accurately reflect my position!

    • Lachlan,

      Do you know the exact makeup of the fuel you carry? Do you know the level of aromatics that may have been added? If you don’t, hold on to your seat, you could be (un)pleasantly surprised! Do the thousands that work in the air industry know all this? I think not!

      Just my opinion. Fly safely my son, the truth will come out someday.


    • I believe that people are talking about geoengineering, just as they are at the workshop you’ve linked to. What I don’t believe in is that there is any actual geoengineering happening that involves the deliberate spraying of chemicals from planes.

  2. Perhaps people could explore Geoengineeringwatch.org site which has hundreds of pieces of evidence including video, photo, patents, whistleblowers, scientifically accredited lab results, interviews with specialists in fields of natural sciences, UN references etc etc. Unless of course people have an agenda to deter others from the truth but that would just be a conspiracy theory right?

    • People could certainly explore geoengineering watch website and would indeed find hundreds of pieces of evidence, but first they should be warned that it is necessary to enter the website with the belief that everything there is completely true and therefore should be accepted without question.

      If you don’t go there with that frame of mind firmly entrenched you might find some incorrect information being used as evidence of chemtrails on the site, and then feel a need to question it. This must be avoided at all costs, as your question will be deleted from the site and if you should persist in questioning you will be blocked from the site.

      Its a bit like joining a cult really, except you get to do it from the comfort of your own home

  3. Ps It is not a matter of ‘belief’ which is reserved for phenomena over which there is a doubt of existence. It is a matter of wilful ignorance. Will I be banned/ removed as you were from a website?

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