Maybe the rain

Over at Chemtrails North NZ, Clare Swinney makes the claim that

Evidence suggests that rain clouds approaching Northland are being handicapped by human intervention, probably, in part, to promote the perception of “climate change.”

…and provides evidence of this by posting some satellite imagery of cloud cover covered in arrows pointing to (supposedly) man-made ‘holes’, which are (presumably) evidence of manipulation.

Putting aside the problem that the water in these holes still has to go somewhere, and that there’s still millions of tonnes of water left in the remaining cloud cover, the main problem with Clare’s argument is that her main point…

Rainfall levels appear to being reduced significantly.

…is plain wrong. Here’s the last two years of rainfall data from Whangarei Airport, measured against the historical average.


In fact, in the last five months, rainfall figures have been above or about average. June, July and August were really wet: double the average.  Before that March/April/May were drier than usual (May especially so), but that was after a wet February. And before that, a dry January, and a slightly above-average December. In other words, natural variability at play. There’s certainly no way you could make the argument that rainfall levels have been ‘reduced significantly’.

Well, I suppose you could, but…


One thought on “Maybe the rain

  1. Who decides a person is IGNORANT to question unexplained chem-trails!

    Antibiotics were meant to be better than natural ways to improve our health. Now people need to often take three antibiotics before they get better – if they are lucky enough to have any work at all. What happens when we depend on man made creativity instead of working with nature. Anti-biotic means – against life.

    Why have we climate extremes in the world? Everyone has seen this is getting worse if we watch television.. Are we working against or with life using chem-trails!

    Will chem-trails affect our rain water and also what we grow with a change in this water?
    It’s important we question reasons for all changes in nature we experience.

    Why is there no discussion until we notice we need to take vitamin D or else get rickets. Some countries have a cloud haze that stops the natural sun – preventing vitamin D we need naturally. These are the countries that have used chem-trails for the longest time.

    We need to understand and to question what is happening and who is responsible now these chem-trails are starting to be seen in our country. Research has told us that the Bay of Islands of New Zealand has the clearest of blue skies compared to most countries in the world. Do we need chem-trails to help us end up with an almost permanent cloud haze? Canada is a country that has had constant chem-trails over many years – now the sky has become a haze of clouds looking unnatural and also unwelcomed with no opinion asked from the people in their country.

    Do you want Kiwi’s to be ignorant and not ask questions?
    Who makes the decision to use chem-trails to alter our weather?

    Who is calling us ignorant?

    We are all ready to be ENLIGHTENED by anyone calling us ignorant.



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