More ignorance from Kiwi Chemmies

Clare Swinney’s Northland Chemtrail Watch continues to amaze with the level of ignorance it encourages.

In a post today Clare repeats a post from “Des of Blenheim” –

The photos below were taken on November the 10th by Des of Blenheim, which is in the north east of the South Island of New Zealand. Des posted these on the Chemtrails over NZ forum on Facebook at 12.23pm on the 10th and wrote that he had witnessed planes spraying over Blenheim: “This can’t be normal to have so many planes fly over… about 20 so far.”

Or Des could have done just a smidgen of research, at, say, Christchurch Airport’s arrivals/departures page.

And then he could have counted the number of arrivals and departures at Chch from Auckland and some of the northern airports in Australia – I counted over 13 arrivals in 1 weekday just from Auckland. Which means more than 25 flights – arrivals and departures.

So actually Des, yes, it is normal!

I have pointed this out in a comment on the site….but barring a miracle none of mine ever get through!

The observant among you will have noticed that the blog post title says these trails “criss cross”……but the photos all show 3-4 parallel trails, and a bit of high cirrus that is the front that was coming through that day – promising hail and rain for Cup Day in Chch the next day (11 Nov) – you can see it quite clearly in Satellite photos of the area at the time, eg MODIS

The photos do not show any alignment, but I believe the trails are all more-or-less north/south, and the front is northwest/south east – as is often the way for fronts coming up from the southern Tasman Sea. So yes the front is at an angle to the trails….which is exactly what anyone without an agenda to fool people would acknowledge!

And example of supposed criss-crossing trails
An example of supposed criss-crossing trails
More criss crossing
More criss crossing…???
Third time unlucky I guess...
Third time unlucky I guess…

Sadly time precludes highlighting ALL of Clare’s disinfo, however the occasional update serves to show the consistent deception she practices.


14 thoughts on “More ignorance from Kiwi Chemmies

  1. Chemtrails are real and serious….Check out Steve Quayl. com and
    Here in the states, chemtrials are very high in aluminum metallic causing respiratory problems. Robert Scott Bell (Naturopathic Doctor) calls it chemtrial flu…

  2. I personally am tired of the completely outlandish claims being made. On one site I read the U.S. Government caused the Philippines cyclone. Their evidence? Apparently the Philippines turned down some U.S. Weather stations a week earlier.
    I’m glad some people are still talking sense on this subject. Keep it up.

    • I am amazed that people still think “before its news” has any news at all……apart from the occasional stopped clock of course!!

    • Thank you for pointing out that site – it is all indeed there – all the lies and idiotic half truths of the cults are there for show – Dane Wiggington wouldn’t know the truth if it ate him – his bovine excretia is well known and identified –

  3. Why are USA army planes flying over new Zealand dumping chem trails ?? Why the secrets it never happened years ago in our skies. Why USA bases in our country we don’t know about?? Agent orange Vietnam. Same sort of thing again can’t trust them tell nasal to f off out of our country..

    • Why are USA army planes flying over new Zealand dumping chem trails ?

      Are they? Where’s the proof?

      Why USA bases in our country we don’t know about?

      Are they? How do you know about them?

      • its too late now, your dead, not yet but yep dead, dying and so are ya kids, john key signed up in copenhagen and we all voted it, it cant be stopped now

      • your ignorant mate, look up, daily, not down….. forget your new app, and new shoes, look up man

  4. Thank you “Anonymous” for pointing out that life is a congenital terminal condition. Yes we are all going to die. And yet average life expectancy continues to increase. Go figure.

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