Infrasonic undulations

…would be a good name for a band, I reckon.

That aside, it nearly beggars belief that ‘chemtrail’ believer William Remi has lived in Canterbury for any amount of time without ever having seen lenticular clouds. But, apparently, this is the case.

Lenticular clouds

William even goes on to say that the clouds formed on a day when Canterbury’s fabled Nor’wester was blowing, the classic conditions in which this phenomenon most commonly occurs (see here and here for the science, and MetVUW has lots of photos of it in their excellent gallery archives).


8 thoughts on “Infrasonic undulations

  1. this is not lenticular as i also have this under timelapse and these clouds were formed over a large flat area of land called Christchurch i know the conditions in which lenticular clouds are formed, so the mis info comes from the author of this article what they didnt count on is it has the same popularity as the author himself Mr Marsden who has time and time again deliberately fabricating rebuttle on others views to boost his ego and let everyone knows he is a payed shill much like an athiest deliberately antagonising christians the problem lies with him who spends moretime in these chemtrail groups than most of us, sad to say he is labelled a…….., well id rather not say “Peace”

    • It is lenticular. You can often see lenticular over ‘flat’ Christchurch, because it is formed from the passage of moist air over the Alps to the west, or the Port Hills to the East and South.

      This is typically the case, with lenticular clouds forming in the lee side of mountain ranges or hills. In the linked photo, for example (taken near Timaru, south of Christchurch), the lenticular has formed over the ocean — about as flat as it gets, but, again, is the result of westerly winds coming off the Alps to the inland (or, potentially, the Port Hills to the North).


      You can see the explanation of the science explaining their formation via the links in the post. If you could perhaps provide some documentation that refutes that science, and which explains how the aforementioned ‘infrasonic undulations’ would cause such formations to occur, that’s be a good first step in proving your assertion.

      • Hey hemi … The truth about Nibiru & the bs …Nibiru is a planet of cleansing just like in Genesis 2 … Man was exterminated & then Moulded or pro created out of the cinders or ashes …

    • I lived in Chch for 30 years and still visit my parents there often 20 years after I left – there have always been lenticular clouds over the plains and the city in appropriate conditions over that time. I don’t think you any idea at all as to what causes lenticular clouds to form.

  2. i also have a private group on Fb which is souly for timelapse footage, most of which are lenticular cloud formations in the south Island. hope people enjoy my photography “Peace”

  3. I shall take a pic every day then I see these almost that.
    Have 2 vids already.
    And my child mind use to think rockets. Lol

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