…And Then There Were Three…

(…to borrow a Genesis album title).

So yes, a merry welcome to Hemi B. and Mary Contrary, who, after some interesting email correspondence have accepted my invitation to come aboard as contributors to Chemtrails NZ.

For those that aren’t aware, Mary is a keen follower of the chemtrail ‘debates’ over on Facebook, but has, up to now not had her own web presence.

Hemi has been active for even longer with his own blog, has retired, come out of retirement, and has been kind enough to allow me to import his own blog into this one so we can aggregate our accumulated observations under one (less immediately antagonistic) title.


One thought on “…And Then There Were Three…

  1. I’m delighted to see you’ve imported all Hemi’s posts and comments from his “NutbarsNZ” blog – there was so much entertainment from the believers on there that would have been a tragedy to lose 🙂

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