Common clouds v. chemtrails/chemclouds

Another confusing piece of imagery shared over on the Chemtrails over NZ page — a graphic showing ‘normal’ cloud types, and a photo of criss-crossing chemtrails.


What confuses me, is that the ‘common’ clouds contain the exact types (most notably the cirrus, cirrocumulus and altocumulus) that had me banned from the group when I pointed out that they were indeed, just normal old cloud types. Not in this case, though — the poster’s image has resulted in no censure whatsoever, despite being (if we’re being consistent) obvious disinformation.

Perhaps I missing some subtle differences in the exact nature of the clouds in question.


2 thoughts on “Common clouds v. chemtrails/chemclouds

  1. So you don’t know what sort of cloud is in the photo? The only way you can account for it is by calling it DISINFORMATION? Thats rich!!! It is right in front of you and you have no explanation other to discredit it as bogus!!! WAKE UP!!!!! Obviously the toxins of chem trails have effected your brain!!!!

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