Chemtrail barrels: or ballast barrels?

Gee, I wonder where we got the idea for chemtrails from?

This photo was shared on the Chemtrails over NZ facebook group by Toni Anne Smith, with the original caption (by the enchantingly named Madisonstar Moon) of ‘Gee I wonder where we got the idea for chemtrails.’

One place you might have got the idea from was flight testing done on Boeing 747s in the 1960s. This picture can also be found in the book Boeing Widebodies which is, helpfully, available in full-text, online at Google Books.

Here’s the page in question…

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Now, of course, the book itself was published in 2003, so there’s no reason to think that the author might have been slipping in some pictures of chemtrail tanks as ‘ballast’ tanks as a piece of disinformation.

Like this one, where the ‘ballast’ tanks are predominantly displayed on an airport open day, and a (dis?)information board describing their usage (to emualte passenger/cargo weights while doing flight testing, apparently) is shown. Although, if it was me, I’d think that having open days on my chemtrail fleet might be pushing the disinformation thing a little too far. But, you know, they presumably know what they’re doing.

Or take this video, also showing ‘ballast’ barrels during a 747 test flight, and purportedly from 1969. Be easy enough to whip something like this up and put it out there as disinformation, wouldn’t it? You just need someone who can do that old-timey news voice, some post-production on your video to get that ‘aged film’ effect, and a couple of 1960s era cars conspicuously parked in the background! Easy when you know how!


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