Sto pro veritate

Travellrev, over at Aotearoa: a wider perspective, has had enough! Not for the first time, though, she’s made a few, presumably inadvertent, errors in her post. Since I’m banned from commenting over there, I thought I’d just post a corrected version here…

In September you may recall I became aware that someone had started an anti conspiracy website called Conspiracy Nutbars of New Zealand or some such

The person/s behind the site immediately eventually started to comment under the name of Hepi Hemi indicating my site was being monitored pretty intensly read. After a few comments I decided that Hepi Hemi was a waste of space countering my opinions, and banned him but not before he helped me find a code error leading to a deformed website. This aid again came so quick he must have either linked to my blog or have it under constant scrutiny added my site to his Google Reader.

After a while some comments started to appear on my blog which while appealing for my sense of sympathy and friendship seemed strangely out of tune with the characters they tried to portray appealed to logic and common-sense and I became suspicious.

A stroke of luck would have it that I encountered More poorly copied HTML resulted in the same code error once again deforming my blog and in a moment of clarity decided to appeal for help to see who would show up and looka here I got the same quick advice and it turns out that all these strangely off kilter comments came from the same IP address as Hepi’s Hemi’s, indicating Hepi Hemi and Rua and some other Maori named ficticious characters! 

The IP address was linked to an Auckland address which might need some journalistic technical scrutiny because this isn’t the city Hemi lives inis all very mysterious and begs the question; why is there one or more persons so hell bent on reading infiltrating my blog with clearly researched links requiring time and effort with fictitious names so as not to arouse suspicion to avoid his comments being summarily deleted.

The IP address, being a major NZ ISP hub, was also linked to many other US Ip addresses, but I suspect that since I don’t have a firm grasp on how the internet works, I won’t speculate further that the Auckland IP address is just an address to “proof” “prove” that my detractor is a New Zealand entity but with Cass Sunstein, Obama’s information czar outlining plans to infiltrate the conspiracy i.e. 9/11 truth movement in order to destroy it from within announced in January 2010, and the blog’s IP address appearing in October 2010 while claiming to have been fighting having been debating with conspiracy nutbars for a much longer time, I suspect that what we have here is a nasty piece of work doing his Global masters bidding someone who doesn’t like seeing idle speculation, misconstrued facts, and poor science going unanswered.

I guess we must be doing something right, and guess what Hemi or whatever the hell your name is the truth will never die and will bite you and your masters in the ass one of these days real soon. And it won’t be pretty.

I will block you and all the other names you’ve been writing under and keep an I eye on the IP address and the other I have been given by another blogger you have been harassing reading. So slither back under your rock and maybe I won’t give it to a very interested journalist together with the address it is registered at.

Now, I’m not sure to what purpose supplying any of my info to a ‘very interested journalist’ would serve, so feel free to supply them with whatever you’ve got.

Yes, the IP address of my work computer shows as being based in Auckland. That’s because that’s where our main ISP (ICONZ) is, and all our traffic is routed through their Auckland hub. I’m actually in Wellington.

I should also point out that my ‘true identity’ isn’t a particularly well-guarded secret: I’d be staggered if, given her investigative background, that Clare doesn’t know who I am, the guys over at Mysterious NZ know, as do a decent number of the regulars over at  Uncensored. A quick five minute web-search should sort you out, if you’re really that interested. (Although, I must admit, I don’t advertise the fact, because, as reported over Open Ur Eyes, some people don’t leave their difference-of-opinion to mere online threats).

So, yes, all good fun, made more so by Rose from The Contrail jumping in with this…

Yep – the same tripper is trolling us, mysterious NZ, Uncensored and Clare Swinney. Makes me laugh that they are so insecure. We just leave him to it being that he thinks he’s so clever.

Now, considering I’ve been banned from Rose’s site, Mysterious NZ and Clare’s site for a considerable amount of time, I’m not sure how I could be ‘trolling’ any of those sites. Rose might be getting me confused with someone else (she has been known to confuse one thing for another in the past, after all). And, of course, there’s a fantastic irony in Rose’s “we just leave him to it” statment, which appears after a 500 word diatrabe exclusively about me. I’d hate to see it if they actually turned their attention on me!

Rose adds…

Contact me if you want more info on this guys id’s. A few members have been doing some interesting trolling of their own

Wouldn’t that be, like, stalking? The sort of thing Travellerev and Rose were just complaining about? But wait, there’s more…

What are they afraid of? Can’t stop truth.

This is my exact point! What are you afraid of? Why ban people who oppose your point-of-view? If you’re sure in your evidence, can back-up your theories with sound science, then you shouldn’t need to ban everyone who comes onto your site who has an opinion different to your own. Sigh. Another comment on the same post, from Nina, says…

WHY are people so short-sided? WHY can we just not allow other opinions? WHY don’t we look for the truth? etc. etc.

I’m with Nina.


5 thoughts on “Sto pro veritate

  1. lol – yeah it’s ironic that apparently we are insecure, but they are the ones who ban anyone from their blogs or discussion sites for having a different opinion, or, worse still, verifiable facts!!

    I got banned from Rose’s forum for suggesting that some red clouds were a perfectly natural phenomena that has been known “forever” (Red sky at night shepherds/sailors delight, etc) and not chemtrails – 1 post and bam!

    I think Clare had a fit of conscience allowing my posts (under a pseudonym) a few weeks ago – this name hasn’t managed to get anything on there for ages – but all my comments there are perfectly respecable, not attacking and provide links and facts.

    So of course they get censored!!

  2. Hi, just found your web site. I have been posting to Uncensored for ages and was banned from there for a week recently. I was chuffed to be censored by Uncensored. Of course Clare has banned me completely from her site.
    Enjoying nutbarsnz, keep up the good work.

    • Cheers Gary. Indeed, being banned by Clare is part of the reason this site popped into existence — no point trying to reason with her on her site if she was going to continually delete any comments that disagreed with her own take on things.

  3. Hi Hemi,

    I too have been blocked from commenting on her site. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks we’re the same people. Apparently Claire is against censorship except when it comes to taking criticism.

    On another forum, I’ve been accused of being YOU. Yes, you.
    Amongst a barrage of insults, abuse and unfounded accusations* on another forums that discussed contrails/chemtrials, someone kept calling me “Hemi.” WTF? Apparently, I’m you. It’s spilled into my youtube channel now. Some of these guys are rather unstable.

    *One unfounded accusation being that I’m a shill for teh evil antichrist bankers.

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