The endgame begins…

In the US Fema camps are being brought online and contractors are sought to be on standby to be at these camps in 72 hours to welcome the first of the millions of dispossessed Americans arrive for a smooth elimination after President Obama signs S 1876 allowing the military to arrest and round up Americans whom they deem dangerous.

All of this was predicted by smarter people than me but I was able to see this coming from a mile six years ago thanks to these smart people. I hope A reads this and sometime in the future he might even have to admit I was right all along even though being right was one of my greatest fears.

…writes Travellerev, lamenting her (ex?) friend’s lack of faith in her predictive abilities (emphasis mine).

So, there ya go. Within the week, we’ll be seeing the first of millions of  Americans rounded up and placed into the aforementioned FEMA camps.

I, like Travellerev, certainly hope that when this happens ‘A’, whoever he might be, will admit his mistake!

Of course, if it doesn’t happen, do the people who predicted it need to acknowledge their mistake?

UPDATE: Naturally, in the mind of Travellerev, this isn’t actually a hard and fast prediction (despite the words I’ve quoted verbatim from her site), and now states that the intake of ‘prisoners’…

…could be tomorrow or in the next thee years or whatever.

Or ‘whatever’. Such prescience!


12 thoughts on “The endgame begins…

  1. Bow down before me!! 🙂

    Of couse having disaster relief camps able to receive refugees at 72 hours notice might be seen as pruden forward planning by some – but they’re obviously all the sheep!

    Baa…..that’ll be woolly overlords…

    • What guillotines? The story is a myth – check out this thread on ATS for possible origins in a Georgia (US State) bill to have an alternative method of execution – the bill was never made law, and in fact “guillotine” wasn’t actually in it anyway – not that that stoped the gullible (hmmmm…interesting similarity in the words) from believing so… (link is to a particular post which clearly lays out why it is a myth)

      Interestingly apparently there is(or was) a “death camp” in Upper Hutt – check out – Hemi perhaps you could check it out for us??

      • My understanding of the Trentham facilities doesn’t go beyond that which is reported in the depletedcranium post.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if, like the FEMA camps in the USA, that it is a minimally-maintained facility that could be called into use in the event of a major disaster.

        And, as per the FEMA facilities, the fact it has some security (and why wouldn’t it?) makes it seem more sinister (to some people) than it actually is.

    • Ok, I took the time…

      And, depressingly, after 55 minutes of listening, there wasn’t actually any specific information regarding the FEMA camps and guillotines. Sigh.

      What we do learn is that Revelations 20:4 tells us that some Christians will be beheaded. It’s part of the end-times prophecies, according to the podcast host.

      And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

      “Information has crossed my desk that thousands of guillotines were being stored on US soil.”

      15000 or 30000 guillotines, in total. Makes me think that they are actually talking about normal old paper guillotines as opposed to otherwise. What possible purpose could there be for that many guillotines?

      Aha, as we listen on – they want to harvest the beheaded bodies for the organ market. Apparently it’s possible to keep headless cadavers ‘alive’ indefinitely to keep the organs fresh! And so the authorities can’t use lethal injections or the electric chair as these taint the organs. Prisoners who want to donate organs (or unscrupulous officials who want to make a profit from them) thus need an alternate method, and the guillotine is suggested as an option by the State of Georgia (in a bill that was never actually passed, in 1996/7).

      He then goes on to completely fail to understand the authority of the International Criminal Court.

      Then we’re back to some bible prophecies: “the USA will do exactly as prophecy says: it will help the Vatican kill Christians…”, “…the Pope is the puppet of the anti-christ”. The Senate, Congress and Supreme Court are all in thrall to the Pope. JFK was assassinated after denying “certain demands of his Pope”, apparently.

      So, there’s no actual hard evidence about “guillotines” being deployed in FEMA camps at all. It’s speculation, hearsay and my old favourite – connecting the unconnected dots through some fantastic leaps of illogic, in this case based on an idiosyncratic interpretation of biblical prophecies.

      The host sums up…

      It’s a pretty scary thing to mock the Lord thy God. Prophecy is not something to be joked about, or something to deny. It’s there for a reason.

      Jesus. Christ.

      Unless, Bill, was there something I missed there?

  2. I’m certainly not going to spend 55 minutes watching hat – if you know the content then please summarise the actual evidence.

  3. We are at war.

    Not with any particular nation, not with the British people, but with the remnants of the British Empire (which never stopped dominating and exploiting its colonies, though it did nominally collapse); more precisely, the British financial and ruling elite, who are at war with the world.

    Led by City and Wall Street financiers using Tony B. Liar and Gordon “Genocide” Brown as a front, they are committed to a policy of systematic de-industrialization through alternating financial speculation, war, and fiscal austerity.

    Their objective is to destroy productive enterprise, wipe all nation-states from the map, commit genocide on a global scale to reduce the population, and usher in a new global feudalism. Moreover, the British Empire is faced with the same sort of problems that have always driven it to imperial expansion – the North Sea oil is running out (depletion of resources) and the City lies in virtual ruins (as empires expand, the capital base of the economy is invariably crowded out by financial speculation). In short, we are at this moment engaged in a conflict, the outcome of which will determine the survival of civilization itself.

    With his historic snub of Gordon “Genocide” Brown and the termination of the “special relationship,” American President Barack Obama has not only declared, in no uncertain terms, that America will NOT be party to the coming British attempt at genocide through starvation, but the President has effectually begun civilization’s counterattack against the feudal, fascist British Empire. Additionally, a coalition appears to be forming between some of the great nations of the world – the United States of America, China, India, Russia, and possibly Brazil.

    The key now for the civilized nations of the world, is extricating ourselves from the collapsing British financial system (of which Wall Street has been a subservient part since its earliest days). Once we do that, we can proceed with the hard work of rebuilding the basic infrastructure and industrial base of our economy and the economies of other nations.

    I assure you, I am not a conspiracy nut. The above-listed events and dynamics are all in the public domain; I have merely put the pieces together based on my experience and knowledge in foreign affairs and international economics, as well as from (for the more recent happenings) some trusted contacts in the beltway.

    Do you think this is finally the end of the evil British Empire, which for so long has kept billions of people impoverished for no reason other than the profits gained from resource extraction in the developing world? Is London finally going to go down?!

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