I predict…

…that somewhere in the world, in the next 10 days, it’ll be really really windy somewhere.

Hopefully this will put me in the same category of soothsayer as the much-respected WEATHERONUT (respected by Clare, at any rate), who predicts a 7.0+ earthquake somewhere on the Planet Earth (as opposed to some other planet) in the next 10 days.

Now, there’s been 19 earthquakes of this magnitude or greater so far this year, which at the time of the last 7.0+, averages out at one quake of this magnitude every 15 days or so.

It’s been a month since the last big ‘un (that 7.1 in Turkey), so, from statistical point of view, we’re already 15 days overdue for another one. Of course, earthquakes don’t concern themselves with maintaining statistical averages — there weren’t any quakes of this magnitude in February or May, for example — but, given the frequency with which quakes of that size have been occurring in recent times, is Weatheronut’s prediction really that big a call?


6 thoughts on “I predict…

  1. Hey – when they’re wrong you knock them…and when they might be right you knock them….it’s tough for a conspiracy believer to catch a break around here! 😉

    but yeah – predicting the highly likely isn’t really all that hard….and not really useful for highlighting nefarious activity!

    Now if they’d predicted HAARP would cause a helicopter crash on the Auckland waterfront today – THAT would have been impressive 🙂

  2. I see Clare has gone back to censoring contrary comments, after a brief experiment apparently allowing them. For example the “Bulgarian chemtrails” video of a week or 2 ago is actually a copy of someone else’s videa that is not acknowledged – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zciuC7acRw and http://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/airbus-a340-spraying-orange-coloured-chemtrails/ – my comment to that effect has been censored.

    And you can’t say “Global warming?” on the article about no snow in Scandenavia!

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