Seems Clare and the crew over at the Con Trail have discovered cloud-seeding!

How does cloud-seeding marry up with popular chemtrail theory?

  • ‘Chemtrails’ are long straight lines of ‘chemicals’ that spread out to form cirrus-like clouds.
    Cloud-seeding is done directly into clouds – no ‘line’s are created.
  • ‘Chemtrails’ contain aluminium, barium, and other miscellaneous chemical and biological agents
    Cloud-seeding uses silver iodine.
  • ‘Chemtrailing’ started in the late 1990s.
    Cloud-seeding has been around since the 1940s.

So cloud-seeding doesn’t look like ‘chemtrails’, doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that you’d expect to find in ‘chemtrails’, and pre-date the ‘chemtrail’ era by fifty years.

And on that last point, the guys over at Metabunk have even discovered that this specific cloud-seeding operation has been in existence since 1948.

To think, all that work the NWO has been doing on keeping chemtrails a secret, and then someone goes and puts an ad about it in the local paper!

Here’s Kate, singing about another weather modification technique


8 thoughts on “Cloudbusting

  1. He is a nutcase fraud – his “mind controlled attack baboons in nano-armour” are indicative of his ability to gather and present factual information – see for that one – and also that he 9/11 attacks were nuclear weapons!

    If he has done all this research where is it??

    Even on “Above Top Secret” he’s considered a fraud –

    And nowhere else dos he claim a PhD – where did he get it, or who is claiming it on his behalf??

  2. Oh and his medical licence was revoked in Colorado for multiple over prescriptions, resulting in the death of one patient (Debra Darnell), and the hospitalisation of others – a google search for “Debra Darnell Bill Deagle” will get you plenty of hits.

  3. Clare has blocked me from posting, & a few weeks ago one of her readers posted shots of a very interesting cloud –

    I knew I’d seen it before but couldn’t remember where – have had some time since Xmas – so here’s what it is –

    Also wiki article on it –

  4. And just as a starter for 10 to show how rubbish it is – the NSA does not have pilots as mentioned in the first 30 seconds or so…it is a crypto-analysis agency – signals interception, ECHELON, wire tapping, computer hacking etc.

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