Sky-writing for Jesus

Clare’s posted some impressive photos of sky-writing over the USA, and Rose wonders

What kind of craft do they need to create that

Well, wonder no more, here is the culprit…

It’s a Grumman Ag Cat, a type of which Jerry Stevens has been using to sky-write his religious messages with since 1998.

At least five times a week, sometimes twice a day, Stevens takes to the skies in a yellow crop-duster he says God told him to name “Holy Smoke.” He soars 9,500 feet above Palm Beach County to pen “Love God” out of white smoke. The messages, which span 7 miles, can be seen 40 to 50 miles away, often lingering in the clear blue sky for 15 minutes.

People have offered him money to write advertisements or political messages. But he refuses to do it.

“I strictly fly for God,” he said.

No mention of chemtrails at all. The process is explained…

The messages take about seven minutes to write in long plumes of smoke, produced when he pulls a lever that pours oil into the plane’s exhaust pipe.

You can see more pictures, and find out more about Jerry at his website.


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