Rainblow blob

David W. of North Canterbury, has submitted some pretty pictures to Clare, and writes…

Attached are some photos of 23rd of April…. You will notice the first one, where the rainbow blob is, and yet the sun was about 20 degrees away!

I would hazard a guess that the sun wasn’t ‘about’ 20 degrees away, but was, in fact, exactly 22 degrees from the rainbow.

That’s just a guess, mind.


5 thoughts on “Rainblow blob

  1. What do you think of the new offering – the “Holographic plutonium chembow” from Vancouver??

    The ignorance, the utter lack of any attempt at understanding natural phenomena ……I sometimes wonder how come these people are bright enough to keep breathing on their own!!

    • The double rainbow! Classic stuff.

      I think, at this point, that Clare & co. must have just about run out of meteorological phenomena that can be blamed on the NWO: clouds, contrails, rain, rainbows, storms, droughts … the list goes on.

  2. “If one goes to Google pics and types in cirrus clouds and cumulus clouds, one will find almost no real clouds. It’s a crazy world”.

    Hahahahahaha No there is just crazy people in this world and we all know Clare Swinny and her friends are some of them.

    It really is funny watching them make the biggest fools of themselves.

  3. I am so glad you’re doing this work. A couple hours ago, I began looking into suggestions that the underwear bomber is part of a US government conspiracy. This woman Clare Swinney dominated the Google search, so I looked her up. I was on page 7 of the search before I found anything source other than her, which was you. So thank you. I’d really like to find some independent source that takes a critical look at the underwear bomber theories, but so far, all I can find are conspiracy suggestions from unverifiable sources.

    So thank you again.

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