Errrrr, what?

…is, I imagine, the reaction that will be given to Rod Baker’s letter to Nick Smith, reproduced here over at Clare’s.

Because I’ve read through it a couple of times now, and am still not completely au fait with what Mr Baker is getting at. Particularly that last paragraph (with its fantastic non sequitur, that has Nick Smith agreeing with whatever it is that’s been suggested through the mere act of not replying). “Transfer of ions to the solar wind”? “[D]arker clouds [forming] from ionized heavy metals”? WTF?

Could someone with a more scientific bent (or just a bent of any type?) please interpret for us lay-people? Ta.


2 thoughts on “Errrrr, what?

  1. There is no chemical or physical basis to anything Ron Baker has said there.
    I feel I should state this explicitly in case you take my silence as a confirmation that Rod Baker’s descriptions of these processes are in any way valid.

  2. Seems perfectly non-sensical to me – again just in case anyone should choose to interpret my silence as agreement with the proposition….not that I’m actually a scientist……but you never know….

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