Coming soon: geoengineered shadows

I can’t for the life of me see why this cloud formation is either “weird” or in any way “geo-engineered”.

If my cloud-recognition abilities are correct (which they may not be — feel free to correct me here), all we’re seeing here is a bit of old-fashioned cumulo-nimbus. Yes? Maybe some cumulo-stratus drifting around there as well?

Can someone enlighten me what the chemtrail-hoaxers are seeing here that I’m not?

UPDATE! Clare has thoughtfully posted a comment with her ‘reasoning’…

Firstly, look at the round indentation in the thin cloud material in the middle of the photo … What caused that circular indentation? According to Weatherwars.Info, Scott Stevens’ website: Holes in the clouds, where holes would not otherwise be, are direct evidence that scalar technology can deliver these negative ionic bursts into storms reducing their ability to make rain or even the ability of a cloud to provide shade on a hot summer afternoon.

What round indentation? How is that Clare is able to things we mere mortals can’t?

Also, in the background on the left-hand side of the photo there are three clouds with distinct FLAT bottoms. This is not natural and another indicator some form of technolgy is being used.

Seriously? Clouds with flat bottoms aren’t natural? Someone needs to correct all those meteorological handbooks! (And no-one show Clare any photos of the aforementioned cumulus clouds, she might, you know, freak out).


3 thoughts on “Coming soon: geoengineered shadows

  1. I’d go with a towering cumulus, not quite a CB yet. Had heaps of them in Nelson lately. Have posted this with an explanation on Clares wonderful blog, still awaiting moderation… Could be waiting a while 🙂

  2. Haha how can she even walk outside thinking the utter shit she thinks!

    This was definitely a WOW post like WOW i knew she was nuts but this is taking it a bit far. Flat bottom clouds lol!

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