‘Alternative’ news

Are you really an ‘alternative’ news blog if you’re copy’n’pasting NZ Herald opinion pieces? Just asking.


7 thoughts on “‘Alternative’ news

  1. I reckon there’s nothing particularly wrong with doing so – as long as proper attribution is given. The article on the blog is attributed to smashdracs, the one on the Herald is attributed to Fran O’Sullivan.

    If they are the same person then (presumably) Fran is perfectly entitled to post her article wherever she likes under whatever pseudonyms she chooses.

    Otherwise it’s just another case of internet copyright violation.

    so Smash – are you Fran, or a rip-off artist?

  2. You make a valid point about about attributing the article to the author. It is linked at the bottom of the article to the source. I think most people would realise that smashdracs was responsible for posting the article to the blog, not writing it.
    All the same I have edited it to fix the problem you have with it.


  3. the line under the headline is usually what people look at to see who wrote something – it still says:

    “Mon, 02/14/2011 – 12:32 — smashdracs”

    the link at the bottom notwithstanding, IMO it is, at best, misleading.

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