Cloud seeding in China?

A screen shot for posterity

You really have to wonder whether or not chemtrail-hoaxers even bother to check their sources when making their various accusations.

Clare’s posted a list of various videos showing various clouds and contrails from a mix’n’match of media sources. (This includes some Warner Bros. cartoons that date back to the 1950s, presumably long before the modern ‘geoengineering’ conspiracy that is Clare’s new theory du jour came into being — let’s put that aside for now).

The one that piqued my interest was the last video, entitled, interestingly enough: “CHEMTRAILS ADMITED BY CHINA (see correction below)”.

So, has China ‘admitted’ to laying chemtrails? And just what did this correction have to say? Turns out…


So, the video’s actually about cloud-seeding? Indeed, if you watch it, that’s exactly what it’s about — and there’s no sign of chemtrails. The cloud-seeding is being done by shooting cigarette-sized sticks of silver iodide (not aluminium, or barium, then) at clouds.

Apropos of nothing in particular, I would also like to direct people to this series of comments. Not only for another example of Clare’s breathtakingly hypocritical attitude as to what is and isn’t acceptable as evidence, but also for that fact that it looks like there’s a new “disinformation agent” on the block! (Although, I didn’t get the memo. The NWO really needs to get its internal comms sorted out…)


8 thoughts on “Cloud seeding in China?

  1. Claire has long since lost any idea of what constitutes a normal looking cloud, what constitutes evidence, or what how to construct a logical conclusion from premises. This is all par for the course for those deluded by the hoax & there’s little point trying to persuade them otherwise.

    The unfortunate thing is that her efforts are causing other people to become anxious about something that doesn’t exist.

    Paranoia is infectious 😦

    I wonder how many of them wear a gas mask and NBC suit while outside?

  2. The interesting comments were made by me, unfortunately I am unable to reply as the posts are being heavily moderated again! It was fun while it lasted. I took the evidence that was provided, gave a simple, elegant and reasonable solution, yet to no avail 🙂 The ONLY aircraft operating south of Invercargill go to Mcmurdo there is nothing else out there and are easily at cruise altitude as they go past. New post on crazy clares site made me laugh though Concise, correct response. Ironically Dec 2nd was a beautifully clear day no ‘chemtrails’ at all. Good to see my local mayor isnt an idiot like the one in Kaikoura!

    • The QANTAS Sydney to Buenos Aires flights go past the south of there in a northwest/southeast direction.
      Stretch a bit of string on a globe between those two places and see where it passes New Zealand.

      • True enough, great circles do interesting things! Only time I’ve seen it at work it was much farther north than that, just south of Wellington.

  3. It only takes the next big red sunset or an incomming weather system with clouds that arn’t fluffy to get them fired up and start posting links to their crazy American nut job friends that think the moon is a hollow space ship. We must also listen to the award-winning TV weatherman Scott Stevens who has clearly lost the plot!

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