Venus now responsible for chemtrails?

Rather than continuing my ‘What in the world are they smoking’ series, I’ve been procrastinating by looking at some of Rose’s lovely sunrise photos over at Pacific Chemtrail.

In her latest series she observes….

Yesterday witnessed a bright object over the rising sun – it looked like a star only there were no other stars in the sky. It shone in broad daylight on the east coast (over the sea in an orange hazy sky) just above the rising sun. This morning it is not there. They are up to something and that object was not a star.

Intriguing. I fired up Stellarium to make sure Rose hadn’t made a stupid mistake like mistaking a planet for something more ‘sinister’. Here’s what Rose would have seen, looking east from Kaikoura, just before sunrise on Nov 4th…

You are my venus, etc...

I think Rose was right — it wasn’t a ‘star’, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.


2 thoughts on “Venus now responsible for chemtrails?

  1. That stellarium programe is great i use it all the time for gazing at the night sky with my telescope.
    Its no surprize she thinks somthing odd is going on here as her and her friends put no effort into looking at the logical things first befor jumping to the most outlandish possibilities ever.

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