What in the world are they smoking? [part 2]

So, in our last episode, we’d just discovered that Murphy’s geoengineering article had stirred up some interest. What’s the skinny…?

00:00 – 00:10
The ‘people’ want someone to investigate.

00:10 – 03:00
We’re off to talk to G. Edward Griffin. What does he know about it all? He’s aware of it! “It’s an open and shut case,” he says. Some reminiscing about early jet travel. A quick explanation of contrails. Which. Is. Wrong. He totally lays the “persistent chemtrail = contrail” meme on us. Seriously? They are going down this path?

03:00 – 04:00
Some talk (from scientists, I assume) about geoengineering and the moral implications thereof (and whether or not geoengineering could actually be controlled).

04:00 – 05:20
Griffin tells us that it seems to be NATO countries doing the spraying (and New Zealand, and Australia, and Cuba, it would seem). “Anyone who wants to investigate that,” he points out, “has to take that fact into consideration.” Griffin offers to help.

“We’re not scientists.” Ne’er a truer word spoken.

05:20 – 06:00
Some more words of wisdom from Griffin; rallying the troops for the investigation ahead.

06:00 – 06:40
Some DJ going on about criss-cross contrails.

06:40 – 07:20
Conspiracy website owner gives his theory: spraying is to counter global warming.

07:20 – 07:30
Yes, geoengineering has been discussed.

07:30 – 08:05
We’re off to Northern California! Dane Wigington owns some land and has tested some stuff.

08:05 – 08:10
Slo-mo handshake! Awesome!

08:10 – 08:20
Dane establishes some credentials.

08:20 – 09:30
We look at the sky. It’s cloudy. Supposedly all contrail-formed cirrus. Oh, there are some contrails. Apparently on cloudy days it gets hazy and harder to see to the horizon. Go figure.

09:30 – 13:30
Aluminium! Thousands of times higher than normal! Apparently. Some results from a nearby skifield show aluminium levels of 61100ug/l. Which is a lot. That’s interesting. (I hope they didn’t take the snow from anywhere where people might have skiied.) The soil is more acidic than in the past as well, apparently. He doesn’t really seem to be following the sampling guidelines though. The assumption here, of course, is that it’s all down to the ‘chemtrails’. Not any other sort of airborne pollution (or something else entirely)?

13:30 – 14:15
Sad music. Young girl tell us to ‘wake up’. Oh, awesome, more non-scientific sampling. “We collected some rain-water in some jars.”

And more sampling. Surely that pond in the video isn’t the pond he’s talking about? Anyway, further analysis in part 3…


2 thoughts on “What in the world are they smoking? [part 2]

  1. G. Edward Griffin says he has done his research about contrails in the “UNFILTERED FORUM” about half way down Unfiltered News where political correctness is not spoken.
    In a conversation with “William”, GEG refers to the research he has done on Chemtrails or Contrails?”
    It is almost frightening how close he comes to demolishing the foundation of the chemtrail spray theory.

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